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Swindle's Jewelry has been a family owned and operated jewelry store since 1943.  Today, three generations of Swindles continue to serve our clients.  The store was founded by Grady "Big Red" and Gracie "Gus" Swindle in Dublin, Texas.  At the time the business was founded, Memaw and Papa - as we call them - lived on $1.00 per day in an upstairs, garage apartment. 


During WWII, Grady and Gracie founded a watchmaking school in the back of their store to provide disabled veterans returning home from war an opportunity to learn the trade. Over the years, Swindle's Jewelry evolved into a full service jewelry store, but the watchmaking school was closed around 1958-59 shortly after Grady suffered a heart attack. At various times, we had separate locations in Dublin, Comanche, Stephenville, and Eastland, Texas. Today, Swindle's Jewelry is owned and operated by G.A. "Pinkie" and Hilda Swindle, who have owned the store for over 40 years. 


Grady and Gracie never considered themselves disabled; however, he had severe arthritis, and she contracted Polio at age 3. Sometime around 1941-42, the State Board of Vocational Education offered to send them both to a 9 month watchmaking course at Hardin Junior College in Wichita Falls, TX. They eventually met there, and just prior to graduating from watchmaking school, the two were married.


Today, the store's sole location is in Stephenville, TX in the Bosque River Shopping Center. We pride ourselves in meeting your every jewelry need. From building your one-of-a-kind dream ring, to repairing your cherished family heirloom, we treat all of our customers' requests with the utmost care and respect.

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